About sublit

Sublit is a web application, which allows teachers and students to create, solve, submit and automatically evaluate coding assignments. Instead of manually correcting 50+ coding assignments, sublit allows you to directly download a CSV file of the student's marks saving 300 minutes per class.

The story starts off as a simple project for an entrepreneurship course, which has now moulded itself into one of the most happening student ideas on campus! Sublit is a team of college students who decided to solve a real problem that they were facing first hand.

Our Team


We are a team of tech aspirants in our 3rd year of engineering who empathise with our teachers and fellow students on a personal level.

In our sophomore year of college we took an entrepreneurship course and teamed up together. As a part of our final project, we ended up brainstorming and thought about the problems that we personally faced in everyday life.

That’s the inception of sublit, the solution to the biggest problem on campus! We hope to make the process of evaluating programming assignments less laborious and submitting them as lit as possible.

Ritesh Sapata

Prithvi Anil Kumar

Pihoo Verma

Rahul Srinivas

Spandan Sar